Important Factors to Consider When Designing a Food Processing Plant


Food processing and manufacturing plants need to comply with a lot of factors before they are designed and set up. Certain important things that architects need to keep in mind are hygiene, and safety parameters.

However, there are also certain physical and economic factors that must be kept in mind before setting up a food plant as without them, it would be difficult to carry out different plant operations. 

So, to make things easier, we have listed some of those major factors that adds to the food plant’s efficiency and functionality.


For any factory, plant, or industry to be designed and set up, the geographic location plays an important role. Many internal factors need to be considered regarding the location of a food plant like its proximity to raw material resources and market etc. It is important that the plant and the business within must be located at a place where they can grow significantly while meeting the demand and supply chain.

Supply Chain

Logistics is an important point when it comes to food plants. Since it is one commodity that needs to be taken care of well, supply chain issues must be resolved in advance. While raw materials should reach the plant quickly, the delivery of the finished goods to the market should also be done by covering the minimum distance in minimum time. By bringing down the logistical hindrances, the plant will be able to reduce its environmental impact as well.

Availability of Labor

Labor is yet another important factor to keep in mind. It is meaningless to set up a plant at a location where both skilled and unskilled labor is unavailable. For, you cannot run a plan without an adequate workforce. The availability of sufficient labor determines the efficiency of a food plant.

Miscellaneous Utilities

The miscellaneous utilities include water, electricity, and gas. Without these essential components, it is impossible to run a food plant. Again, to ensure that such utilities are found in abundance, it is important to design the plant in a manner that most of these resources can be recycled and reused. Although it can be a tedious design process, the cost-effective nature of such techniques will help the industry as well as the environment in the long run.

When you hire Stendel + Reich food plant architects, all these factors are carefully considered, assuring you the best overall food plant design.


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